The Midget Firefight SEO Contest Winning Workflow

The Midget Firefighter SEO Contest

Yes I won the Contest!

Midget Firefighter became the hilarious keyword that the SEO Campers have set to test Casey Keith’s workflow on a contest. With the team set to face the competition everyone scoured domains and setup their wordpress sites. So with this I’m going to share my workflow as well.

Here I the tools I used for this and won contest:

Keyword ResearchTopical RelevanceKeyword Research tool with SchemaFree
A.I. CopywritingZimmwriter by Matt ZimmermanAll-in-one SEO Writer$297 Lifetime Deal or $14.97/mo. Subscription
On-Page SEORank Math ProBasic on-page SEO WP Plugin$5.75/mo.
Internal LinkingRelated Contents ProThemeinprogress useful tool$15/mo., Free Also available with limited features
ImagesCanva, Gencraft$5/mo. Canva
for AI image Generation
$5/mo. Canva
Server CacheLitespeedDisk Cache for WordPressFree
Table of ContentsEasy Table of ContentsAutomated TOC for your wordpressFree
VideoFlexClipCloud Based Video Editor$19/mo.
AudioSoundcloudCloud Audio HostingFree, Premium available
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Contestants so far:

Here are their website links:

Here are the SEO Campers:

Midget Firefight SEO Contest Workflow

The workflow:

1. Used BARD to list 20 salient entities for Midget Firefighters – prompt used:

list 20 salient entities for Midget Firefighters
generate outline for these entities that talks a profile of a midget fire fighter in the context of knowledge graph
generate outline for these entities that talks a profile of a midget fire fighter in the context of knowledge graph

2. Then Used GPT4 to generate blog outline out of the knowledge graph and PAA. Generated around 10 semantically related topics and posted here on the blog.

My Thoughts:

It’s so fun to see the myriad ways each contestant has approached the “Midget Firefighter” challenge. From intriguing trivia to in-depth explorations and even a few cheeky memes, the variety and creativity on display are a testament to the adaptability and imaginative prowess of the SEO community.

While the challenge’s premise might seem light-hearted and playful, make no mistake — the technical prowess behind each entry is nothing short of impressive. It’s fascinating to observe how each contestant has incorporated their unique strategies, utilizing a mix of on-page and off-page SEO techniques, coupled with the power of AI-enhanced content generation tools.

The diversity of platforms also stands out. While most have chosen traditional website formats, others have dared to tread the less-traveled path, venturing onto platforms like Facebook. This mix not only showcases the versatility of SEO practices but also highlights the changing landscape of content consumption and the importance of multi-platform visibility.

As the contest heats up, one can’t help but appreciate the camaraderie and friendly competition among participants. After all, it’s not just about securing that coveted top spot on search engine results but also about learning, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

To sum it up:

And to those still contemplating whether to jump into the fray — remember, it’s never too late to join the party! Whether you’re an SEO newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn, especially when the challenge is as delightfully unpredictable as “Midget Firefighter.”

So, gear up, dive in, join the SEO Training Camp and may the best SEO strategy win!






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